Community Support Professional (CSP)

Community Support Professional (CSP) Certification Program
(A Rhode Island Certification from the Dept. of BHDDH)

     SUMHLC is pleased to offer the CSP (Community Support Professional) Certification training program. The CSP program is designed for direct service mental health case managers and direct staff who work in the State’s licensed community behavioral health organizations. The training program meets the State’s regulatory statutes for certification.

     The CSP program is generally held twice per year and consists of a series of weekly training sessions on a wide variety of topics pertinent to the job of a case manager. It is designed to provide "front-line" community support providers with the knowledge, values and skills required to implement the multiple and specific functions which constitute their direct service work. The duration of the training is approximately 12 consecutive weeks (one day per week). CSP announcement and registration forms with additional details and eligibility requirements are sent to  the administration at each community mental health center in advance of the training.

     For more information about the CSP Certification training program please call SUMHLC's Training Director: (401) 521-5759.