What is Technical Assistance?



Technical Assistance is the process of providing targeted support to an organization 
with a development need or problem. 

An external specialist (consultant) may deliver TA in a variety of different ways, such as one-on-one consultation, small group facilitation, or through a web-based clearinghouse. 
The consultant will address the unique need of the organization using the most appropriate process to achieve the desired results.

     SUMHLC is pleased to offer technical assistance to BHDDH staff or providers of behavioral health services that are licensed, certified, or funded by BHDDH to provide treatment or recovery support services. A limited amount of technical assistance funding is available under the State’s Training and Technical Assistance grant. Additional sources of technical assistance are also listed under "Technical Assistance Resources" on our website.

Priority topic areas for technical assistance include (but are not limited to) the following:
•Implementing/Strengthening CLAS (Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services)Standards
•Contract Management
•Providing Trauma Informed Care
•Managing Risk

The ultimate goal of technical assistance is to improve client services and to strengthen an organization's stability and sustainability.