Problem Gambling Services

Should some of your clients need help and you do not have a certified Gambling Counselor on staff call Problem Gambling Services at 401-499-2472 and we will get them the help they need. Research shows that gambling disorder may not evolve until the person is well into recovery from another behavioral health disorder. 

Therefore, screening in the initial stages of treatment, which is very important for determining co-occurring disorders, is not enough, need to screen on a regular basis. (Crockford and El-Guebaly, 1998; Cunningham-Williams, et al, 2000)


Visit Problem Gambling Services at or call (401)499-2472 for help and information on resources, signs of problem gambling, a self-assessment and more.


Recommended Screening Tools

Brief Bio-Social Gambling Screen

Diagnostic Screen for Gambling

Gambling Disorder Screening Toolkit Day