Recovery TV: The Voice of Hope

Recovery TV is presented by John J. Tassoni, Jr. and features on-air interviews with those overcoming substance abuse. For a complete schedule, please see below.


Airtimes: Sunday mornings 9:30am on My RI TV and 11:30am on CW Providence. You can also view on YouTUBE by clicking HERE.
Below you can find aired episodes and upcoming schedule!

Recently Aired Episodes

(Andy Nota, East Greenwich Town Manager, & Robert Houghtaling Prevention and Mental Health Program EGHS)

(Linda Hurley, CEO of CODAC Behavioral Health & Wendy Looker, OTP HH Administrator)

(Meghan Clingham, Mental Health Advocate)

 (Linda Hurley, CEO of CODAC Behavioral Health)

(Robert Houghtaling Prevention and Mental Health Program EGHS & Gracie Kauffman, East Greenwich Senior

(Claudia Merandi, Founder of The Doctor-Patient Forum)

(Bethany Bixby, TIDES Family Services)

(Daniel Kubas-Meyer, Thrive Behavioral Health)

(Dr. Christopher Ottiano, Neighborhood Health Care)

(Lisa Carcifero, Blackstone Valley Prevention Coalition)

(Cliff Cabral, CEO Horizon Healthcare Partners)

(Linda Hurley, Executive Director CODAC)

(Francie Mantak, Victim Services Specialist-Mothers Against Drunk Driving MADD)

 (Trinity Village: Christine Nolan and James McKenna)

(Newport Mental Health, Jamie Lehane)

(Town of East Greenwich, Bob Polling and McKayla Shiny)


(RI Coalition for Children and Families, Tanja Kubas-Meyer)


(AdCare, Fred Trapassi, Jr. Regional Chief, Executive Officer)


(Peter Slom Private Clinician)


Episode 8

(RICARES Stephen Gumbley, Acting Director)

Previously Aired Episodes

(Episode 1 Fred Trapassi, AdCare)

(Episode 2 Linda Hurley, CODAC)

(Episode 3 Bethany Bixby, TIDES Family Services)


(Episode 4 Jonathan Goyer)


(Episode 5 Richard Leclerc)

  (Episode 6 Christine Nolan)

(Episode 7 Dr. Skip Sviokla)

(Episode 10 OHIC Commissioner Patrick Tigue)


(Episode 11 Amy Giguere McCarthy, LICSW)


(Episode 30 Senator Sheldon Whitehouse)


(Episode 27 Michelle Harter, Anchor Recovery)


(Episode 25 Steve O'Donnell, CEO of YMCA Greater Providence)

(Sarah Dinklage, RI Student Assistance Services)


(Lisa Conlan-Lewis, Executive Director of the Parent Support Network)

(Rico Warren, SUD Advocate)