MAP Behavioral Health Services, Inc--Requesting a Press Conference with Governor McKee**

MAP Behavioral Health Services, Inc, a minority-owned and operated substance abuse non-profit organization, is requesting a Press Conference on closing the oldest substance abuse Minority program open since 1976 due to State Governor Daniel McKee’s negligence in fixing the heating system.


MAP has been occupying this building since 1976, servicing 30% of the residential beds for the homeless with substance abuse and mental health conditions., And now, the state wants to sell the building to the highest bidders instead of selling the building located at 66 Burnett Street, Providence, to current tenants since 1976. This is a slap in the face to the minority community of RI and the homeless people suffering from addiction and mental health conditions.


The Residential program was closed by BHDDH due to a broken boiler leaving 35 empty beds during this winter and drug and overdose epidemic.


If you have any questions, please contact Mr. William Rose, MBA president of the Board of Directors, at 401-497-6743