Let's Talk About Vaping - The Newest and Most Brilliant Marketing in the World of Drug Delivery

Date: January 8, 2020 Price: $35.00 Time: 1:00pm-3:00pm CEUs: 2.0 Class Type: Classroom
Level: All Levels Instructor: Christopher Scott Ottiano, M.D. Domain(s): 1,4 Domain Chart

This training is being co-sponsored by: 

The Substance Use and Mental Health Leadership Council of RI and Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island

While vaping is often considered safer than smoking cigarettes because of the lack of some carcinogens--that doesn't mean that vaping isn't bad for your health. Nicotine, the primary ingredient in most vaping liquids is highly addictive. This training will explore the basic health-related ramifications of Nicotine and how vaping has become the newest and most dangerous delivery mechanism for this drug.


Continuing Education Credits: 

Social Worker CEUsThis training has been approved by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) for 2.0 continuing education credits.

Mental Health Counselors CEUs: This training has been approved by the RI Mental Health Counselors Association for 2.0 continuing education credits.

Chemical Dependency Professionals CEUsThis training has been approved by the RI Certification Board for 2.0 continuing education credits (The RICB is an IC&RC affiliate).

Please Note: A pre-test is required to be taken before the training. In order to receive a training certificate, each participant must complete a post-test, and training evaluation within ten (10) days of completing the training.  Instructions will be provided to the email address that you register with. Thank you.