Health Centric Advisors announces campaign to promote MAT and the Good Samaritan Law.

Health Centric Advisors is pleased to announce the completion of the Rhode Island Department of Health mini-grant on Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and the Good Samaritan Law (GSL). 

The intent of the project was to raise awareness of the benefits of MAT and to help dispel some of the misconceptions that continue to persist in the community. Additionally, Health Centric Advisors sought to promote awareness of the Good Samaritan Law and its protections in saving lives and providing the opportunity for people with addictions the opportunity to find the help and support they need. 

The campaign includes posters in English and Spanish as well as radio and television public service announcements in English.  All of the developed materials are available on their website: and can be copied and distributed appropriately.


For more Information, or to request audio or video files,please reach out to Susan Rohwer via email at