(Webinar) Ethical and Risk-Management Documentation Skills: Issues in the Human Services

Date: September 11, 2020 Price: $30.00 Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm CEUs: 6 Class Type: Zoom
Level: Foundation Instructor: Frederic Reamer, Ph.D. Domain(s): 9,13 Domain Chart

This training is being offered by: 

The Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals, and The Substance Use and Mental Health Leadership Council of RI

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Professionals in the behavioral health professions often struggle with documentation issues such as:

1. How much detail should I include in my case notes? What's too much detail? Too little?
2. What’s the best way for me to protect my clients, since it's not always possible to protect the confidentiality of paper and electronic case records?
3. How should I word case notes when I know that the case record may be subpoenaed and clients and other third parties (e.g., parents of minors) may request access?
4. How can I use case notes to protect myself in the event of a lawsuit or ethics complaint?
5. Is it okay to maintain informal, personal notes?
6. How should I handle clients’ request to review my case notes?
7. Who should be able to access sensitive information in electronic health records?
8. What are the most common documentation mistakes that professionals make, and how can they be avoided?

This workshop will provide answers to these questions as well as a comprehensive introduction to critical ethical and risk-management issues related to documentation.

Continuing Education Credits:

Social Worker CEUsThis training has been approved by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) for 6.0 continuing education credits.

Chemical Dependency Professionals CEUsThis training has been approved by the RI Certification Board for 6.0 continuing education credits (The RICB is an IC&RC affiliate).

Mental Health Counselors CEUsThis training has been approved by the RI Mental Health Counselors Association for 6.0 continuing education credits. 

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