Chronic Pain and Addiction

Date: October 4, 2019 Price: $70.00 Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm CEUs: 6 Class Type: Classroom
Level: All Levels Instructor: Frank Sparadeo, Ph.D. Domain(s): Domain Chart

6 CEUs*: (SW,CD, MHC)

This course will define and differentiate the experience of pain. The neurophysiology of both acute and chronic pain will be described. The role of opiate and other medications in the management of pain will be presented. A review of the Gate-control theory and the Information theory of chronic pain will be presented. The problem of addiction and pain management will be discussed along with a discussion of the pros and cons of medical marijuana.

Finally, the course will review various approaches to pain management beginning with a discussion of pain assessment techniques and moving to cognitive behavior therapy. Pre-surgical psychological assessment will also be presented in relation to surgical interventions for chronic pain. Post surgical adjustment will also be covered.

*PLEASE NOTE: In order to receive a CEU Certificate, each participant must complete a Pre-Test BEFORE arriving at this training and complete a Post Test and Evaluation within 10 days after the training. (Instructions will be provided.)