Case-Based Learning Workshop

Date: May 3, 2019 Price: $35.00 Time: 9:00am-12:00pm CEUs: 3 Class Type: Classroom
Level: All Levels Instructor: Francine Knowles, APRN, CNS Domain(s): Domain Chart

 3 CEUs: (SW, CD, MHC)

This workshop will provide students with an opportunity to see theory in practice. Students will be requested to bring one example of a difficult case that they have, or a case that they would like to discuss. This workshop will serve as a platform for participants to openly discuss their examples, to find solutions and reach decisions through discussion, sort out factual data, apply analytic tools, articulate issues, reflect on their relevant experiences, and draw conclusions. Some key points of focus for this workshop are:

That cases tell a story of the workplace
Best practice models 
Problem-solve issues and learn from one another
Encourage reflection on work practices and allow learners to provide feedback and discuss work practices